Bodyrock (official video)

“Bodyrock” from AfroWhitey (Out now on Static System!)

Let me see your body rock
Let me see your body drop
Don’t got back on it
Less you want it like a lollipop
So I can open up
Pop a bottle make her blush
Now she walking round drop a pound
Cause she show me love
See while I on it I will flaunt
Meaning I concur
Don t get demoted speaking on it
Please adjust your nerves
Cause is she want she gone flaunt it
While she on my curves
Switching up your girl
Grab a chicken just to flip a bird

See we some murderers
Snapping on your vertebra
Tapping on that mind down that spine
Till they herd of us
Or we can drop it low pop a lock
I’m out the door
Hop up on a blond I can find
While I’m on the floor
I like a hottie with her body
Moving back and forth
And with that body I will probably
Rock it till it rolls
Cause if she naughty with Bacardi
Everybody know don’t go getting loco
Got that pogo make her loose control