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Conscience / About The Flow

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Album Review

Florida's AfroWhitey are injecting their own inimitable southern swagger into the dubstep gene pool, giving birth to a crunky, p-funky, hip-hop-inspired flavour that offers a genuinely fresh take on the sound that long ago became a worldwide phenomenon. Equally at home sipping gin and juice in the club VIP area and in front of the bassbins at the grubbiest of festivals, it's no exaggeration to say that this is an act regularly producing those rare moments of audio chemistry that lead to entirely new sub-genres emerging blinking into the sunlight. Conscience, featuring vocalist Nikki Carabello, delivers super-slick synth chords and silky vocals before a barrage of brutal bass and 8-bit stabs drops in to slap everyone oopside the head. On the flip, AA Bout the Flow takes a sick vocal refrain and cuts, chops, loops and filters it in epic style throughout a track that blends deep, dystopian synthwork with hardcore bass energy and the ruffest of beats. An unmissable double header that blends the slick production values of top notch R 'n' B with the frantic energy and bowel-quaking bravado of bass music. No wonder the likes of Skream, Borgore, Annie Nightingale, Martin Solveig, JFB, and Freq Nasty have been dropping Afro Whitey in their sets: these boys are taking dubstep to the next level and concocting an entirely new flavour for the masses. Get in on the ground level now, because this is an act that will be making the running for years to come.